About us

Masako is the creator of all contents on Mountain Penguin website.
Unstoppable photo-taker wherever she goes, always chased by sorting out the hundreds of photos she takes a day.
An Enthusiast of moss and waterfalls.

Masako has walked

Erik is the resilient hiker who gets spider webs and tree branches on his face all the time.
Always geeking out about the latest gadgets and hiking/camping gear.
Most importantly, the patient husband who kindly stops every 5 minutes and makes whatever pose Masako tells him to for her millions of photos to post on Mountain Penguin website.

Erik has walked

  • Shikoku 88 pilgrimage (Three rounds, so far)
  • Camino de Primitivo, Camino de Santiago to Finisterre and Camino de Dos Faros
  • Houte Route Pyrenees thru-hike
  • Pemigawasset Loop & Pemi Loop
  • Ka’au Crater Loop thru-hike